Our History

Ohio University’s tradition of student government began in 1940 as the Ohio University Student Council, a small group that met weekly to discuss the issues affecting the student body. This organization continued for about 20 years until it was dissolved in 1960. The Student Cabinet was then formed in 1961, and lasted only 6 years.

In 1968 a new group called the Student Governing Board assumed the role of student government leadership on campus. Comprised of 13 members, the Student Governing Board served as an advisory panel to administrators about student opinion on campus issues. Though small, the board successfully served the student body for nearly seven years until the constitution was suspended to overhaul the system for better student representation.

In 1977, Student Senate was formed. The membership of Senate until 1981 was sparse; however, it still was seen as a huge improvement from the previous bodies. The newly formed Student Senate was larger and dealt with a broader range of issues than did previous student governments. The Student Senate, by incorporating new rules and procedures into itself, stands today at Ohio University as a medium between the administration and students. Today’s Student Senate boasts a membership of over 100, and it continues to be an effective advocate for Ohio University students.