Residence Life

What We Do

Residence Life is the commission of Student Senate that focuses on the student experience on all three greens. Our Senators are two per green. Kelsey Crowley and Chris Constable represent West. Jalen Carter and Jacob Haskins represent East. Phil Moncla and Ben Mathes represent South. We put on educational programs that focuses on our constituents needs, and are involved in both the Culinary Services Development Committee and the Residential Housing Advisory Board.


Our projects at the end of this semester include a Hall Council Open Forum to discuss the struggles hall councils face. Also we are hosting an event that focuses on leasing education so students can make informed living decisions when they come back next year.


We are putting together a freshman guide that complies necessary and helpful information in one handy place for freshman students for the upcoming school year.

Our Staff

Commissioner Gabrielle Bacha
Vice-Commissioner Caelan Ecos  
Senator Kelsey Crowley
Senator Chris Constable
Senator Gabby Bacha
Senator Jalen Carter
Senator Ben Mathes