Governmental Affairs

What we do
One of the biggest parts of Governmental Affairs is advocating for legislative bills within state government that affect student in some way. House Bill 111, Student Trustee Voting Rights, has been a major part of our commission this year as well as Erin’s Law, which involves educating younger children in elementary school to prevent sexual violence. Our commission has been to Columbus twice this year to meet with state representatives and states senators to encourage the passing of HB 111 and to learn more from the representatives who support Erin’s Law.  In the fall, HB111 passed through the House and we are now continuing to advocate for it to pass in the Senate. Besides just working with public policy, we also attend city hall meetings in Athens.
We have started working on a respectful language poster campaign to promote respectful, inoffensive language across campus. The poster campaign has being an intern project that we have been working on diligently since the beginning of spring semester.

Our Staff

Commissioner Jordan Ballinger
Vice-Commissioner Joe Weykamp
Vice-Commissioner Kate Clausen