Academic Affairs

What We Do

Along with improving academic life on campus, we also sit in on different academic council meetings to stay informed with what goes on with the faculty and administration.


The Academic Affairs Commission serves as a representative of student opinion on academic matters to the faculty and administration; promotes an educational environment that is conducive to the interests of students; addresses academic grievances; and reviews as well as recommend academic policies and procedures. The Commission sends a representative to all Faculty Senate and Graduate Student Senate meetings. The Commission maintains relationships with the Admissions Office, Advising Council College Committees, Deans’ Council, Deans’ Offices, Curriculum Council, Office of the Provost, and all other offices or organizations dealing with academic matters.


This year we have been working on getting unofficial transcripts online under MyDARS on the website.


Although we are not in charge of any major events on campus, we have held events such as Tuition Talks, Dinner with the Deans, and Pizza with the Provost.

Our Staff

Commissioner Gerrod Schirtzinger
Vice-Commissioner Ben Mathes
Arts & Sciences Lindsey Spanner
Education Leanne Ketchum
Fine Arts    
Grad. College Joe Cheng
HS&P Michelle Lavan
Russ Daniel Mussard
HTC Allie Dyer
Scripps Jenna Stenger
UC Mackenzi Bentley
COB Jason Maksihi
HCOM Matt Gusler