Meet the Candidates

Election day is this Thursday, April 17. Do you know who you are voting for yet? Check out your 2014 election candidates and see which one represents yOU!


President: Zainab Kandeh, a junior studying journalism

Vice President: open position

Treasurer: Rose Troyer, a junior studying strategic communication

ACTION For OU is an organization that seeks to promote student empowerment and leadership through active engagement.”

For more information on ACTION, follow them on Twitter at @ACTION4OU and “like” them on Facebook at

ACTION wants to enhance student engagement and promote student success. Their focus is on increased campus diversity, student representation and engagement. ACTION sees themselves as a party that will create substantial and sustainable change.

This ticket wants to keep all students engaged in Senate’s activities and be more transparent.

Action President, Kandeh, would also like to see a change in the way that senators are elected in the future. The ACTION ticket would also require that senators campaign individually instead of affiliating themselves with one ticket. By campaigning themselves, ACTION believes they will become more engaged with the student body, as well as create a more diverse Senate population.

ONE for OU

President: Jordan Ballinger, a junior studying political science

Vice President: Alex George, a junior studying broadcast journalism

Treasurer: Carter Phillips, a junior studying marketing and sales.

For more information, visit their website, follow them on Twitter at @oneforohio or like them on Facebook at

ONE’s platform centers on 5 tiers: Relevance, Representation, Governance, Advocacy, and SAC overhaul. Through these tiers, they plan on making real changes at OU.

Relevance: “For too long, students have had the view that Student Senate is a stagnant body that does not do any meaningful work. In order to make Student Senate relevant again,  ONE for OU has a plan of action to do real, meaningful work that students can and will care about.”

Representation: “ONE for OU is of the belief that students here at Ohio University must be properly represented. If students are properly represented, students’ voices will be able to truly be heard. ONE for OU will push Student Senate forward by continuing the working relations with our student trustees, as well as push for more student membership on various committees.”

Governance: “In order to make sure Student Senate becomes a proper governing body, ONE for OU will push Student Senate into the future. ONE for OU will push for redistribution of student money as well as reform current Student Senate policies to make sure all students are properly governed.”

Advocacy: “ONE for OU believes that Student Senate is the voice of the students. Students deserve to have their concerns heard and are demanding that they have someone to rely on. ONE for OU is going to set higher standards for the way in which Student Senate reaches out to the students so that all students feel that they are adequately being represented.”

SAC Overhaul: “ONE for OU believes students should have better access to programming funding. The only way to do this is through the reformation of the Senate Appropriations Commission. Through a series of rule changes, process changes, and more student outreach, students will be able to get more and better funding from SAC.”


Presidential Candidate: Megan Marzec, a junior studying studio art

Vice Presidential Candidate: Caitlyn McDaniel, a junior studying war and peace

Treasurer Candidate: Jolana Ozara, a sophomore studying media and social change

“RESTART student government — unite for student power!”

For more information on all things RESTART, follow them on Twitter at @OURestartSenate and “like” them on Facebook at

RESTART wants open voting membership for all students who wish to participate in student government. RESTART wants to expand funding for student activities and implement the Participatory Budgeting Model.

“Stand together in solidarity — demand respect and a fair deal for all students!”

RESTART insists on raises for student workers and a tuition freeze. They would like to implement a new process to democratically elect student trustees. RESTART resists excessive and unfair punishments in the student conduct process. They want to organize protests, walk-outs, campus disruptions and strikes if administrators are unwilling to compromise.

“Build the world we want to live in — advance social and environmental justice!”

RESTART is aiming to expand need-based financial aid for disadvantaged groups (students of color, first-generation students and working-class students). They are demanding that university investments be more transparent by opening up the books of OU’s Foundation endowment. RESTART aims to end partnerships with corporations that profit from student loan debt. “We need to end racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression.”

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